Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Places the Heart Will Wander...

The heart wanders
into desserts and into storms.
But through the rough
Is when true love forms.
The moment two touch
For the first time.
Is like fireworks
In a cloudless sky.
Emotions run rapid
Coursing through my veins
And all I can think
Is when will I see him again.
Tomorrow it seems
Is so far away
Why couldn't it last forever
This wonder filled day?
The moment two touch
For the first time
Hands interlocked
And minds in rhyme.
I look at his hands
So beautiful and strong.
I want him to wrap me in his arms
And hold me tight all night long.
Oh the places the heart will wander
Drifting to and fro
Holding all emotions back
Until it's safe to go.
The first moment we touch
Your hand in mine.
Your heart wanders to me
And has frozen time.

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