Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Just Want to Scream and Shout!

Sometimes I can't stand all the crazy stuff going on in my life. What is worse, is that I know it could be so much worse than what it is now. I've been in worse but sometimes I just want to scream at everyone.
The guy I wrote that poem about... He is older than me by quite a bit. I like him. I don't want to but I do. He is smart, creative, talented, funny, a perfect gentleman, and he is handsome. But I don't think we could have a future. I don't think he would want one with someone as young as me. I know he wants to be friends... But being friends is difficult sometimes especially when I look at him in his beautiful green eyes and wish he would just pull me close.
His eyes are amazing! They are so full of passion. He tells me his is run down by life. But I can see in his eyes so much passion. I know he has so much to offer to this world still. I just don't think he knows it.
We talked the other night about everything from politics to religion and ex's and sex. I think I may have turned him on a little, which kudos to me!
I know he is older than me. And that makes things difficult. But if he was younger, he would be different. And I like him the way he is. He knows so much about so much. I don't talk much around him, which is strange for me. I feel comfortable around him and nervous at the same time. I want to jump his bones but restrain myself. I feel butterflies and passion but also a connection on a mental level. He has already taught me so much about music, particularly jazz. Ugh, I am starting to ramble. I just needed to vent some of these thoughts. They were beginning to overwhelm me.

Other news: My blog is now going to have a lyric Monday. My favorite lyrics or some that have spoken to me that week. I'll be sure to post some for this week since I didn't do any this past Monday.


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