Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Seat Downtown

Going to the library is always a special treat for me; especially when my favorite chair is open. Tucked back in the far corner on the first floor, the location is perfect for not being disturbed. A small coffee shop lies a few yards behind it, giving easy access to quench any surprise thirsts. I can look out to the busy street and watch the car light blur by on a black canvas. It's almost as if they are painting the town. Occasionally, people mosey by. Usually a couple holding hands, steps in sync; or a family busy wrangling the kids.
During the day traffic is the same if not more intense. Everyone is in a hurry- rushing and speeding by. The trees shine brighter and the street glistens from the heat. More people are usually out- everyone from the pack of teenage giggly girls to the single guy with headphones in. Even though the county trail runs just around the corner, I have never seen a dog prance across my wide window view. The windows were not only wide but tall, stretching all the way to the 12 ft ceilings. Exposed beams allow me a partial view. Despite the annoyance this is by far my favorite place to sit downtown.

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